Lucky Generals’ Celebrity Cruises debut all at sea

Tough times for the travel trade with Britain’s venerable operator Thomas Cook becoming the latest victim of digital disruption but the big cruise firms seem to cruise on, despite accusations that they’re sinking Venice and all the rest of it.

P&O is reviewing its creative account at Founded, which may mean the end to all that free travel for Rob Brydon, but at least the campaign had an idea – comedian and partner tour the world saying “this is the life.” Popular with the travel trade anyway.

Now it’s Lucky Generals New York making a pitch for new client Celebrity Cruises with a glossy film and some Jefferson Airplane – with scarcely an idea in sight. Apart from ‘Wonder Awaits,’ which is does for one passenger in what may or may not be a psychedelic drug-fuelled haze. Then she wakes up.

And where are the celebrities?

Mind you, what do you say about cruises? Anybody recall a really good ad?

MAA creative scale: 4.

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