Diet Coke targets all generations in new multi-media Wieden+Kennedy campaign

Diet Coke is launching a big new UK campaign – ‘You Do You’ from Wieden+Kennedy. ‘You Do You’ is a touch enigmatic but we get the drift, it seems like an effort to unite the generations (put these people in charge of Brexit.)

The campaign also includes eight new limited edition cans (no sign of Ed Sheeran yet) replete with modish expressions such as ‘It’s lit,’ Out of Home, digital, social and PR. Plus there’s a partnership with Snapchat to offer users the chance to choose a face lens featuring one of the phrases. Be interesting to see how that goes.

Diet Coke marketing manager Tuuli Turunen says: “As we continue to evolve and update the Diet Coke brand for both loyal drinkers and a new wave of fans coming into the brand for the first time, we’re really excited about the launch of our new campaign, You Do You.”

Let’s hope there’s enough left in the budget to make the most of a promising start on TV.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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