Lucozade loss might call for a reset at Grey London

Lucozade has split with ten-year agency Grey London it seems following a review by owner Suntory and a new marketing director moving from Suntory’s Ribena. Suntory bought Lucozade and Ribena from GSK in 2013.

Grey had more than its fair share of good moments for Lucozade although latterly, as with some of its other accounts, it’s seemed to be trying too hard – searching for “purpose” perhaps when the real purpose was to sell more stuff.

Its last major effort was ‘Three Lionesses’ around the Women’s World Cup, which got a lot of publicity but seemed to over-egg what is, in the end, a game. And wasn’t strictly accurate (it’s the other football World Cup that refuses to come home.)

Not so long ago was up there in London as the jewel in WPP’s crown with creative supremo Nils Leonard, CEO Chris Hirst and Europe boss David Patton. They’ve all departed and now it’s Adrian Rossi from AMV BBDO as “creative chairman” in London, Javier Campopiano as Europe CCO and Anna Panczyk from Poland as London CEO.

A reset seems to be required.

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