Facebook makes its privacy case its own way in its own medium in new Possible campaign

Here’s a new ‘privacy’ ad for Facebook by Possible (which still seems to be alive somewhere in the WPP empire) saying that privacy is a a matter for individuals and Facebook has lots of settings to suit their requirements.

Nothing not to like there and it’s a nice enough ad.

Trouble is, not very many people – or critics of Facebook anyway – will believe it. Every time Facebook tries to sign up with the angels some revelation reveals they’re on the other side of the celestial divide.

Now you can take the approach of Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s adviser who believes in ignoring the chattering classes and appealing directly to the public.

Which Facebook seems to be doing here. Is that the job of an ad agency? It often has been down the ages. Given that half the planet seems to be on Facebook it might work.

MAA creative scale: 6.


Possible, I learn, has now been merged with Mirum in WPP.

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