Lexus plugs hybrid range in new pan-Euro effort from T&P

The car industry worldwide seems to be tying itself in knots over electric cars – they cost billions to develop but there aren’t enough charging points and tracking them down is hard even when there is one nearby.

But Toyota and its luxury offshoot Lexus are plugging away with hybrids (although, no doubt, they’re doing electric too.)

Here’s The&Partnership’s second pan-European campaign this year for self-charging hybrid vehicles, cars that “defy logic.”

Lexus Europe senior manager brand & comms Vincent Tabel says: “When you say hybrid, many people still assume that means you need to plug-in the vehicle. With Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid technology that’s not the case. The ‘Hybrid that Defies Logic’ concept is a simple and engaging way to inform our audience of that. With Self-Charging Hybrid engines available across all of our sedan, SUV and coupé car ranges, Lexus has a wider range of hybrids than any other luxury manufacturer.”

Indeed it does and this campaign gets that across.

Is it all a bit left brain though?

Luxury cars are not the most rational purchase and a bit of fizz and vim doesn’t go amiss. Although, to be fair to Lexus and T&P, there’s precious little of that in any sector of car market advertising.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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