Is P&G’s new purpose ad ‘The Look’ really a cop out?

Here’s another much-trumpeted dollop of purpose from P&G, ‘The Look’ from the Saturday Morning collective.

Showing a black man and his child being given the cold shoulder (or look) by white folks. P&G is trying to appeal to black consumers as well as do good – by the way.

So what’s not to like? Apart from the intention, it’s a well-made film too – maybe too glossy.

But, and I’m not American, do people in these places in the US really behave like this towards black people? In a posh clothes shop? They’d be all over a serial killer to get a sale surely.

And isn’t it a cop out to reveal the black guy as a pillar of the (mostly) white establishment? If he was a bus driver it would surely be more powerful.

Is this adland’s glossy version of discrimination?

MAA creative scale: 3.

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