Can Iris’ lively Arsenal film surmount racist Twitter storm?

The beautiful game is cranking up for a new season (haven’t forgotten the England Women’s World Cup feat – a traditional semi-final exit) and Adidas is bigging up its Arsenal shirt sponsorship with this lively ad from Iris Worldwide, showing how overseas players become Norf Londoners.

As ever with football and big corporations there’s a banana skin in the mix too, with some nasties hijacking a Twitter promotion to put racist comments on the back of the Arsenal shirts. A salutary reminder that there’s a nasty undercurrent in football that just won’t go away, however much the likes of Arsenal FC and Adidas try to tell us otherwise.

You can’t blame Iris for that (although you can Adidas for being naive) although do I spot Aaron Ramsey in the ad, telling his chums “you play for the shirt.” Ramsey, who was out of contract at the end of last season, has gone off to Juventus to play for the money.

The film: nice cameo from Idris Elba.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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