Now Bud Light goes in-house for online blitz

AB InBev has joined P&G and others in making at least some of its own ads, in its case with the in-house Draftline agency.

It’s quicker and cheaper they say.

Here’s a new effort for Bud Light (usually in the safe hands of Wieden+Kennedy), made with the assistance of Endeavor’s Red unit it seems. Harking back to a previous campaign most of us have forgotten.

There are loads of them but one will do.

Reminds you of a first effort by a student group – there might be something in it but go back and try again.

“Better, faster, cheaper” may be beloved of David Jones’ You & Mr Jones and Sir Martin Sorrell’s S4C. Maybe there’s no alternative in these days of constant digital content demands. And agencies do take an age to complete the most seemingly simple task (they charge by the hour.)

In-house may be faster and cheaper but not, in this case anyway, better.

MAA creative scale: 3.

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