Piers Morgan attacks Robert De Niro for Warburtons ad

Was Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan right to take a pop at Robert De Niro for appearing in the new Warburtons bagel ad? According to Morgan, a former Daily Mirror editor whose veins run with tabloid ink, De Niro is trashing his reputation as one of the finest actors of his generation by demeaning himself for the ad money.

But De Niro has been going down this for-the-money road since Meet the Fockers in 2004 (which he co-produced.) Comedy arguably isn’t his thing as he’s an actor of peculiar intensity but his Warburtons appearance seems at least as good as the others. And Warburtons is, no doubt, delighted with the publicity as will be agency Engine.

Morgan also came out on the side of Jeremy Kyle whose ghastly TV show has been axed follow the death of a participant (no connection between the two has been established.) Which won’t play particularly well with ITV which axed Kyle and also makes Good Morning Britain.

Morgan’s plan may be to entice De Niro on to Good morning Britain (an old ruse) although we doubt that’ll happen. ITV may be wondering if Morgan is becoming the Good Morning Britain story, rather than its stories. But he’s been there before.

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