Emma de la Fosse of Digitas: my Top Tips for Cannes

Emma de la Fosse is chief creative officer of Digitas UK

My tips for Cannes can be divided into two parts. We’ll continue to see a continuation of the trend towards brands taking a stance on moral or political issues and using them as a platform for advertising or PR. So expect Viva La Vulva for Essity, We are not an Island posters from HSBC and JDI Dream Crazy do stuff at La Palais. Then, some tips for work in my own discipline neighbourhood which I hope do well too.

#Codnation Call of Duty

Love the thousands of social films the #Codnation community made to convince doubting parents that Call of Duty Gamers were not a bunch of foul mouthed, murderous nutters. Sometimes UGC can be underwhelming, but there were many gems made by big names like Jonah Hill.

The time we have Left. Pernod Ricard

Data is just an enabler. It allows you to tell people amazing things they never knew. Like how much time you have left to drink coffee with your friend or visit your mum. Watch out for this jaw dropping campaign from Pernod.

Coal Drops Yard

This could have been an endless expanse of those awful ‘lifestyleee’ images so beloved of developers poshing up areas. Except the local developer was Heatherwick, the agency was Droga5 and the result was a beautiful, playful, eyecatching, idea driven, design system. Big clap.

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