Co-op PR strategy doesn’t help Lucky Generals debut

The Co-op’s moved its creative business to Lucky Generals and the agency’s debut campaign seeks to unite the Co-op’s three main strands of business: food, insurance and death, sorry funeral care.

There are more ads for funerals in the nether regions of British TV than you can shake a stick at – although, so far, the Co-op seems to have stayed out of this increasingly competitive fray. Until now.

With a reminder that the Co-op contributes a not insignificant sum to community ventures.

We’ll have to see the other ads to really judge this but, at first sight, it looks like a media/PR strategy with an ad film on top.

And funeral care is mostly about money and this doesn’t tell us anything.


MAA creative scale: 4.


Here’s another one, for food.

Co-op "Workshop" – 60" from Lucky Generals on Vimeo.

More local community stuff and it looks like it’s escaped from the adam&eve (Lloyds Bank) stable. Are horses taking over from winsome kittens?

Better, but still not convinced.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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