BMB debuts for Samsung Electronics with Solid State

Samsung’s Solid State range seems to consist of hard drives that let you do far more, at a price. Aimed at keen gamers and the like.

London agency BMB has found its way on to the Samsung roster (it’s owned by Cheil) with this lively animated campaign for solid state technology. supposing a 50s-style US destination, er, Solid State.

BMB CCO Matt Lever says: “With the Solid State film, we’re dramatising the benefits of the product by literally showing our target market the incredible place that the product can take you to, in an entertaining way that eschews the technical nature of the category.”

And they can’t be the easiest things to advertise, so credit here.

One quibble: they could spell out earlier for bozos like me what the damned things are.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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