Adam&eveDDB thinks big for Amstel’s Bridges on bridges.

Adam&eveDDB is rightly lauded for its big ideas (and big productions to go with them) although maybe it should steer clear of horses in future.

In its big debut for Heineken’s Amstel it offer us a very large Jeff Bridges, bringing people together across, um, Amsterdam’s bridges.

Bridges on bridges (Jeff that is) says: “Bridging differences, now that’s something we really need to do. I’d love this spot to encourage people to come together.”

Heineken brand director Nic Casby says: “As a premium beer brand, we wanted to create an advert that got people talking whilst sharing our brand values and point of view. Amstel’s second TV advert, Bridges on Bridges, does just that, by illustrating the power of bridges to bring people together. When we thought about the most famous bridge who brings people together, there was only one bridge, Jeff Bridges.”

Nicely shot by Tim Godsall for Somesuch.

But is it a bridge – or Bridges – too far?

Dave Trott often reminds us that the first job of advertising is to be noticed and this campaign certainly does that for the hitherto unregarded – although big-selling – Amstel.

Actually they could have saved some money (maybe) and persuaded my friend George Parker of Adscam to do it.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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