Music heavyweights form new sonic branding shop DLMDD

Three former Adelphoi Music execs – Max De Lucia, Greg Moore and Sascha Darroch-Davies – have left to join former FRUKT MD Jeremy Patterson in a new London-based international “sonic branding” agency, DLMDD.

DLMDD says it will “bring brands together with world-leading music talent to create spine-tingling sonic identities that live boldly in the public consciousness.”

The voice recognition market is reckoned by some to reach £25 billion by 2025.

The DLMMD team (below) have worked with brands including HSBC, M&S, Volvo, Unilever, Amazon, Coca Cola, Nokia, Magners, O2, NSPCC and Ben & Jerry’s, and with artists including Dizzee Rascal, Zane Lowe, Avicii, Guy Chambers and The Darkness, winning a number of industry awards.

Max De Lucia (above left), in charge of client relationships, says: “A sonic identity is a powerful tool, offering brands the opportunity to live boldly in the public consciousness and lodge themselves deep in people’s memories, provoking a profoundly felt emotional response.

“The audio and voice market is booming, but there aren’t many agencies claiming ownership of the sonic branding space, and there certainly aren’t many doing it well. As brands increasingly need to connect with people where their ears are but their eyes aren’t, DLMDD aims to become the number one agency to help them navigate that arena.”

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