Bercow puts UK government’s Brexit TV blitz in the balance

As House of Commons speaker John Bercow (below) throws a new spanner in Theresa May’s Brexit works – telling her she can’t bring back the same bill three times, which she should have known already – the UK’s TV stations will be fretting about the possibility of a lost airtime bonanza.

Sky News

Because the UK government has been busily block booking airtime around so-called Brexit Day of March 29 – not just on the main commercial channels but right across the TV spectrum – so it can tell us what’s going on.

But it can’t, of course, if it doesn’t know. Or Article 50, which is supposed to take the UK out of the EU is postponed, which now looks like the most likely outcome.

If this happens it will, at least, give whichever hapless creative agency is on the case – M&C Saatchi? It usually is – time to cobble something together if a deal is eventually done.

If the airtime has to be cancelled, which it well might, will the government be liable for cancellation charges?

Another Brexit cock-up.

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