Apple TV+ launches with a whimper

AppleTV+ has finally made it on the world stage after years of “will they, won’t they?” But does the world actually need yet another streaming service?

Apple maintains it does in this introductory film although some of us might say that, like other new contenders, they’re just jealous of Netflix and Amazon Prime. And they’re worried because people aren’t buying as many ludicrously-priced iPhones as they used to.

Apparently AppleTV+ will be ad-free and carry news. News could be a discriminator but, as we’re often reminded, it’s expensive.

So here we have a gaggle of veteran Hollywood types describing the magic of, um, storytelling.

But don’t we already know this? Howard Hawks and other great directors did 80 years ago.

Apple used to have ideas. Maybe the arteries are hardening.

MAA creative scale: 2.

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