Who’s Andy Warhol says Super Bowl audience

Fast-rising agency David Miami (named after David Ogilvy) had three big brands in the Super Bowl, one of which was Burger King with #EatLike Andy featuring deceased pop art pioneer Andy Warhol (there’ll be lots of these now the technology’s available – Hitler anyone?)

Andy, a man of few words, is eating a Burger King Whopper – because they didn’t have any Big Macs.

Doesn’t seem to have exactly wowed the Super Bowl audience, Adweek reports that a survey of 400 by an outfit called Alpha reported back that most people had never heard of Warhol. So why would they want to watch him eating a burger?

Oh well, never mind. A brave effort and sure it won’t put Burger King off, an unusually adventurous advertiser.

The ad’s taken from this longer effort by A Danish film maker decades ago. Wise to cut it back. Mind you this original would have cost about $30m at Super Bowl rates.

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