Carling and Havas produce new spin on today’s times

Carling was first brewed in Canada (by a Brit) and is now owned by Canadian brewing giant Molson Coors – so what could be more relevant in its first TV campaign for two years than focussing on its British heritage in famous beer town Burton-on-Trent?

But that’s where it’s made these days and the campaign line from Havas London is “Making it where we’re from.”

And there’s another showing local communities (surfing on the Costa Burton-on-Trent? No, it’s Scotland). Featuring, inter alia, a LBGT+ football team, as you do in 2019.

There’ll be more local documentaries as part of Carling’s Made Local campaign, funding community projects over three years.

Carling brand director Miranda Osborne says: “At Carling, we’re proud of the fact that Britain’s #1 beer is brewed by local people in the town of Burton-on-Trent. Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find countless stories like ours – those of passionate, dedicated people making things happen in their hometowns. Uncovering some of these inspired us to create the Made Local Fund, our commitment to supporting new ideas and activities that will benefit local communities and the people that underpin them.”

A fearsome exercise on box ticking then (with a degree of suspension of disbelief.) You could even call it a campaign aimed at those Brexit Leavers, indomitably unpersuaded to stay by Britain’s supposed metropolitan elite.

So it’s a pretty decent effort by Havas to make an ad campaign out of it all (it was their idea too, of course.)

MAA creative scale: 7.

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