BMW goes for extraordinary with Zanardi, Toyota for the opposite with its new Corolla

Car advertisers need to go the extra mile with sales in seeming freefall.

Alex Zanardi lost both his legs in a horrific motor racing crash in 2001 but he’s back behind the wheel of a rather terrifying BMW M8 in a new campaign from Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

It’s the ultimate driving machine once more (phew!) and the astonishingly resilient Zanardi gets some perky Italian music to finish.

The&Partnership is launching Toyota’s new Corolla, a self-charging hybrid version of the world’s top selling car. So its job, in a way, is to show that ordinary is better.

In some ways a trickier task than Alex Zanardi and his M8.

And it does it pretty well with a not-so-mad Max.

MAA creative scale: (both) 7.

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