Pepsico’s new effort to please China makes you uneasy

Is this advertising or a big American company cozying up to the US’s big trade rival – or something in between?

China has landed a probe on the far side of the moon, which is a PR plus for its space program if nothing else. But these things seem to matter to big trade (and political) rivals these days.

So Pepsico, which presumably does lots of business in China, is hymning its host’s space efforts in this film by local agency Civilisation – with a reminder of the plastic-encased fizzy goodies the intrepid astronauts are leaving behind.

It’s a bit redolent of Google’s supposed Chinese search engine which allegedly omits topics the Chinese government finds disagreeable (Google denies it’s making one.)

When in Rome and all that. But it makes you rather uneasy, not least about Pepsico’s judgement when it comes to its ads.

MAA creative scale: not really the point although it’s a nice enough film – 3.

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