Mother and Cabral team up again for new IKEA sleep epic

It’s a strange choice to pick a night club to set an ad for a good night’s sleep but this is IKEA and it knows its onions when it comes to advertising.

And what joy for agency Mother to enlist the services of director Juan Cabral again. The MJZ director helmed its brilliant ‘Beds’ ad a few years ago.

Add in the budget for the Big O’s ‘In Dreams’ and you have a prime example of advertising like wot it used to be.

As ever these days there’s a lot of “integrated” to go with it, including a tie-up The Sleep School co-founder Dr Guy Meadows, who’s been coaching IKEA staff about snoozing, for their sakes and to help people in store (63 per cent of people don’t think they get enough of it.) So we have The Sleep Hub on IKEA’s website.

But the ad’s the thing.

MAA creative scale: 9.

PS Here’s Mother and Cabral’s ‘Beds’ ad.

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