Karmarama’s new Army campaign invites collateral damage

The British Army is harking back to Lord Kitchener’s famous World War 1 poster – ‘Your country needs you’ – in its latest gritty campaign from Karmarama.

This time it says ‘your army needs you, and your resilience.’ (Another redundant comma but never mind.)

So we see a young woman uninspired by her job in a supermarket, seeking more meaning in life. Which seems to mean bullets.

Joining the army can mean getting shot at, so an award for honesty. But is it really the best option for young people seeking more meaning in life?

Kitchener’s poster way back then seems to have been successful (it would probably have won an IPA Effectiveness Award, had there been one.) But the subsequent body count testified, perhaps, to the law of unintended consequences.

There are some pretty contentious posters this time round too.

Deep waters.

MAA creative scale: 6.

PS Karmarama has just won the Lidl supermarket account. Careful guys.

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