Apple embarks on a long walk back to China sales

China may indeed be taking over the world in its own idiosyncratic way: It’s certainly doing its bit to change advertising as Chinese ads are about 30 times longer than anyone else’s.

The mighty Apple hasn’t been selling as many top of the range iPhones there as it would like, which it blamed for recent disappointing results which blitzed its share price. Old enemy Microsoft and then new foe Amazon supplanted it as the world’s most valuable company.

So it’s doing things the long Chinese way with this epic, all shot on an iPhone XS. Featuring a Chinese New Year bucket, a somewhat unwieldy present to a young townie from mum in the country.

Nicely done with a nice reveal.

Shows that Apple gets China (one supposes) although that can be dangerous territory.

Will it help Apple sell more iPhones? At some point the success of any product today, even Apple’s, comes down to price.

Apple may need more than a perfectly-crafted bucket.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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