Uber Eats and Coca-Cola save Christmas, really

I have to admit I was quite sniffy when I saw this was a Christmas ad for Uber Eats and Coca-Cola. Christmas isn’t the healthiest of times, but usually there’s plenty of home cooked food and some tangerines to offset the booze and chocolate, not fast food and fizzy drinks.

So this ad by Romance in Paris was a fabulous festive surprise. Spoiler alert: the nightwatchman who is working at Christmas gets his actual Christmas dinner delivered to the office by Uber, and enjoys it with his family thanks to face time.

I’d rather be washing it down with a nice glass of wine than a bottle of Coke (even if it has been personalized), but I suppose the guy is at work, so the caffeine makes sense. The film is beautifully done, and the bored nightwatchman is a real star.

Uber Eats and Coca-Cola are offering this service free on Christmas Eve (when the French celebrate) to anyone working. It’s a genuinely heartwarming idea born out of a long-term partnership between the two brands and it’s available wherever Uber Eats delivers, as long as customers book before 15th December.

I hope the Uber Eats drivers don’t get forgotten.

MAA creative scale: 9.5

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