Robbie Williams comes out punching for WW as Anomaly readies global campaign

Robbie Williams, once unkindly dubbed ‘Blobby’ Williams, is a new face of WWW (Weight Watchers as was) along with Kate Hudson.

Following its rebrand WW is now ‘For Every Body’ as we embark on that challenging 21st century journey towards wholesome wellness.

There’s a sneak preview from RW of Anomaly’s new global campaign here. The campaign breaks in the New Year.

Williams has been in the news more over his spat with next door neighbour Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin et al) recently, who’s objected to his plans for an underground leisure centre. No doubt WW will help to pay for the builders.

WW’s strategy seems to round up as many celebs as possible (shareholder Oprah Whinfrey makes a brief appearance in the Twitter ad.) So you might say that Anomaly’s effort is content – squeeze in as many famous and non-famous people as possible, all looking improbably ecstatic.

Brief answered.

MAA creative scale:5.

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