Herezie’s Baptiste Clinet: my creative highlights of 2018

Baptiste Clinet is executive creative director at Herezie Group in Paris.


The Times UK & Ireland – JFK Unsilenced

The best craft idea of the year. Dedication to an idea pushed to the limits.

Citroën – Seetroen

Automotive is so hard in advertising. We always see the same things. Here, they solved a massive issue and placed Citroën as the most familial car brand ever.

Microsoft Xbox – Football Decoded

A super pop culture idea. They created something new. A new way to talk, comment and learn.

Diesel – Go With The Fake

This operation responds to a massive brand issue in the coolest way ever.

Xbox Design Lab Originals – The Fanchise Model

A campaign so cool, so innovative and so smart. Probably one of the smartest ideas this year.

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