Goodby Silverstein drives the right line for BMW

Something strange seems to be happening to car ads – one or two have an actual idea. In the US anyway.

We’ve already had Wieden+Kennedy’s powerful debut for Ford, making the tired old brand look contemporary for the first time in years – by going back to its roots.

Now Goodby Silverstein & Partners enters the lists with a clever film for BMW’s new X5, driving across America in a straight line (just about) from the factory in South Carolina to the LA Auto Show.

Just shows what you can do if you hire clever agencies that pursue originality.

VW has just dispensed with the services of Deutsch in the US, the agency that produced its famous ‘Darth Vader’ Super bowl ad. It’s hired a WPP construct instead, one that looks rather like WPP’s GTB agency that laboured on Ford for years.

Elsewhere the business has gone to DDB, at a dramatically reduced rate we’re told.

But will the ads be any good? Assuming there’s enough money left in the budget to produce any, of course.

BMW – MAA creative scale: 9.

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