Adam&eveDDB provides timely reminder of deft TV skills in good works for VW and AA

VW Commercial Vehicles is partnering with Men’s Health Awareness Trust in its current ‘Balls to Cancer’ campaign inviting men to get their privates checked.

So agency adam&eveDDB has produced a pleasing little vignette on the subject.

Will it make a blind bit of difference? The trouble with all these good causes is that there are so many of the damn things you switch off. ‘Movember’ is making a reappearance.

But nicely done, A&E at its understated best.

Into the same bucket – sort of – is this A&E newbie for the AA Charitable Trust, showing the seductive reasons we fall asleep at the wheel. Again, nicely understated.

A timely reminder, for us anyway, that with Agency of the Year hoving into view, A&E’s deft skills are as potent as ever – even though its biggies so far this year – For Waitrose/John Lewis & Partners and National Lottery debut – haven’t had the unalloyed acclamation it’s used to.

MAA creative scale (for both): 8.

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