W+K drives in a different direction for Honda’s Civic

A new TV campaign for Honda from Wieden+Kennedy is something to look forward to: client and agency have produced some the best in the genre going back 20 years.

The inspired quirkiness of’Grrr’ and others is long gone though, sadly.

Cars these days are positioned as either a mobile-enabled gadget on wheels or a means of self expression: those pesky millennials again. It’s the latter here in a new pan-european campaign for the Civic, emphasising its boy (and girl, of course) racer qualities. No mean task when the damn thing’s called a Civic.

W+K creative directors Carlos Alija and Laura Sampedro say: “The compact car sector is full of look-a-likes with all too similar characteristics. The Civic stands out from the crowd, with strong design and a sportier drive, made for those who don’t follow the herd. ‘Where Different Takes You’ connects with that sentiment and encourages drivers to trust their instincts, avoid well-trodden paths and dare to be different.”

It does – but not a show-stopper. But when did we last have one of those in the car market?

MAA creative scale: 7.

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