Krow crafts vintage comedy winner for Fiat

You don’t see many of these these days, an extended comedy sketch doubling as advertising, featuring a vicar at an unusual funeral. You expect Peter Cook and Dudley Moore (were they still us) to jump out of the bushes any moment.

It’s from Krow Communications for the extended Fiat 500X, positing that it’s the car for you when you leave your carefree 20s for the bleak uplands of life after 30.

Fiat brand communications manager Kate Barrett says: “The Fiat 500 brand has always been synonymous with stand-out style, but the new Fiat 500X also brings the space and technology young people are looking for when they move to the next stage of their adult lives.

“What Krow has created in ‘Farewell Twenties’ is a piece of insight-led content which demonstrates that growing up doesn’t have to mean growing ‘old’.”

Indeed not. Not entirely sure about waving goodbye to the bank of mum and dad, but there you go.

Directed with style in the old style by James Lord for Seldom Differ/Jungle Creations.

Could easily have emerged from CDP or Lowe all those years ago. And you don’t get much better than that.

MAA creative scale: 9.5.

PS This rather fine ad has just been hailed as Campaign’s Turkey of the Week as it’s too long and just-turned-30s no longer aspire to a car. Take your choice.

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