Carslberg and Fold7’s new Unfiltered is probably not the best ad in the world

Carslberg is launching Unfiltered, real beer for real, um, people with agency Fold7’s first global campaign. Actor Mads Mikkelsen is doing the duties once more, gradually becoming more dishevelled to show..precisely what? The baddest of bad hair days?

Carlsberg ads have a flying start thanks to its “Probably the best..” slogan, invented in the mists of history I believe by Tony Bodinetz at an agency called KMP in 1973 and then memorably voiced by Orson Welles. Probably was ditched in 2011 for the rather pathetic “that calls for a Carlsberg” but mercifully brought back.

This was either KMP or Saatchi & Saatchi which bought the agency in the days when it was buying everything.

We’ve remarked before that advertising is one of the few business activities that doesn’t seem to improve with age.

Mikkelsen’s latest effort? An old trick in advertising is to produce something so opaque that people think it’s profound.

Mads might work for some but not us, alas.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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