Campaign celebrates 50 with return to adland spiritual home

It’s Campaign’s 50th birthday and the venerable mag celebrated by persuading 60 or so ad folk (not all venerable) to hang around in Soho. See who you recognise. I toiled there for a few years not quite that long ago – had lots of lunches anyway. As news editor you’d be rung up by admen you barely knew inviting you for lunch – there was nothing worse than being left in the office.

Here they are:

No prizes for spotting long-serving editor Ms Beale. Is that Sir Nigel Bogle at the entrance to Groucho, handily situated for a burst to the bar? Are Rupert Howell and John Ayling twins? And surely that’s Laurence Green.

Here’s the film..aaah. Nice to see Martin Boase.

Happy birthday.

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