Best ads of 2018: WCRS, Marystone and Atomic lead a good field in September

September was pretty good for new ads, first up is WCRS (having a stellar year) for charity Women’s Aid, the latest in a striking campaign. Literally in this clever spin on cinema film classification.

French agencies appear to have a monopoly on feel good storytelling at the moment and new contender Marystone excels with this for Intersport.

Are French clients braver than others? Or is TV airtime over there cheaper. Ads still work but they need to given room to breathe.

The Royal Opera House in London has been given a makeover and agency Atomic must have thanked its lucky stars when it got the brief – and an audacious client.

And a good poster campaign too.

If we were being picky about this maybe the type could stand out more. But a proper old-style campaign with wit and flair.

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