Got milk? Breast pumping gets its catwalk debut, and inspires some cool dance moves

What’s the “next big thing” at London Fashion Week? Well, it’s got nothing to do with hemlines or colour palettes – this season it’s all about the stealth breast pump, if femtech firm Elvie is to be believed.

Elvie launched a new breast pump at the weekend by sending model Valeria Garcia down the catwalk at a genuine fashion show (designer Marta Jakubowski) with one of the gadgets tucked neatly inside her bra.

The silent, cordless, hands-free pump will no doubt go down well with the mums at Goldman Sachs, where breast milk is now couriered home to babies free of charge when their mothers are travelling for work.

I’m not sure such a brilliant product even needs advertising, but Mother has done a good job with a film that demonstrates Elvie’s “pumping unplugged” promise. The rhymes are funny and relatable, and the dynamic dance moves take multi-tasking to a whole new level.

MAA creative scale: 8

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