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Agency matchmaker AAR enters the innovation market

Veteran UK client/agency matchmaker the AAR (formerly Advertising Agency Register) is broadening its horizons with a new innovation practice aimed at helping companies find the right innovation partner be it an ad agency, management consultancy, start-up incubator or pureplay innovation company.

The new practice will be led by the AAR’s director, digital and innovation Robin Charney (left) who says: “Our research shows that the innovation landscape is more sophisticated, vibrant and diverse than ever before.

“Businesses have an overwhelming number of options when it comes to selecting an innovation partner, so we’re delighted to launch this new offering in order to help them make smarter choices when looking at the innovation marketplace.”

The AAR has also released a report Navigating the Corporate Innovation Partner Landscape authored by Neil Perkin. The study uncovers a number of key trends in corporate innovation and aims to provide a snapshot of the quickly evolving innovation partner landscape, providing organisations with a guide to partner selection.

The research reveals an innovation landscape which is growing rapidly and presenting organisations with ever more choice and complexity.

Key trends include: from episodic to continuous innovation; increasing sophistication in innovation functions, from physical to digital – product to service, and the growth of a highly diverse innovation partner landscape.

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