“Super fast” Bolt needs a better story to tell for Virgin Media

Usain Bolt is back in another BBH ad for this site’s least favourite media owner Virgin Media (if we were a BT customer it might be different), flogging “super fast fibre.”

Saw a report the other day that compared claimed broadband speeds with the reality and the reality is that you might just get these speeds in a leap year with the wind in the right direction and a full moon but, mostly, you wouldn’t.

But we all love Bolt – don’t we?

Here he is in animated mode courtesy of Smith & Foulkes. Saving a trainload of Southampton supporters (Virgin sponsors Southampton).

Virgin Media TV subscribers have recently discovered that UKTV’s popular channels have been removed as Virgin demanded a price cut. These are free-to-air channels in the UK so you pay for Virgin Media TV but it doesn’t provide otherwise free channels. What a great deal. Maybe Usain can look at that next.

Apparently the newly animated Bolt is a way of featuring him without the great man needing to actually turn up for the ad. Clever huh? These Virgin guys don’t miss a trick.

Capably done but you feel you’re being conned.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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