Can HP’s Lucio bring some mature judgement to Facebook?

Will Facebook improve with a grown-up on board?

The Silicon Valley giant is famous for its “man-boys,” people who’ve become billionaires without experiencing much of what the rest of us might call real life.

Its ever-growing number of “mis-steps” (there’s a weasel for you) testify to this. When it comes to responsibility it still doesn’t get it.

Now it’s got one in the person of Antonio Lucio, its new CMO replacing Garry Briggs. P&G-trained Lucio moves from HP. He’s also spent time at Pepsi and Visa.

Here he is in a Forbes video, talking mainly about diversity but, unusually, putting some numbers on it.

How important is the CMO at a company consisting mainly of nerds?

If he lasts for more than six months he just might make a difference.

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