Audi on demand: book your chance to ‘sparkle and beam and accelerate’

“Audi on demand” allows you to rent an Audi via an app and, if you live close enough to an Audi centre, they’ll even deliver the car to your door. It’s like Zipcar for the upwardly mobile, with prices from £100 to £1000 a day.

Hamburg agency Uberground (nice name) has done a series of global ads to promote the service, which is currently available in Singapore, Manchester, Hong Kong and San Francisco.

The images are stunning, although the language is a bit overblown. “Let’s not be robots… Let’s sparkle and beam and accelerate,” we are urged. Or, “Don’t let the weekend happen to you. Let you happen to the weekend.” Something may have been lost in the translation.

But the message, “Own the experience, not the car,” is clear enough, and will appeal to generation rent. The three films, “Downtown,” “Business,” and “Weekend” (composite above) make the Audi look like a lot of fun. Directed by Lebanese-German artists, Chehad Abdallah.

MAA creative scale: 7

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