VCCP’s sure touch to the fore for Cadbury’s Twirl

Cadbury’s Twirl chocolate bars are trying to involve the nation in the fortunes/relationship of Sarah and Myles, the two protagonists in its new campaign from VCCP.

It may even succeed as they’re engagingly real (based on the evidence of this thirty seconds), in keeping with the tone of voice VCCP has created for Cadbury since winning the account.

Cadbury is one of the most famous British advertisers but you have to go back to ‘Gorilla’ 20 years ago to discover anything to merit the reputation.

This is hardly likely to knock ’em dead at the Cannes Lions – and the main point of the exercise may be all the social stuff (it’s 2018 after all) – but it’s a nice reminder of what a carefully crafted ad, one that’s respectful to the characters and doesn’t shout, can do.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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