Sorrell sets his sights on MediaMonks for new vehicle S4

Sir Martin Sorrell’s first target for his S4 data to content business is MediaMonks it seems, a Netherlands-based digital production company with over 600 staff in Amsterdam, London, Stockholm, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Singapore and Shanghai.

Founded in 2001, MediaMonks is run by Wesley ter Haar and Victor Knaap. Clients include Audi, Mercedes and Lego. MediaMonks is likely to cost north of €200m which is rather more than the sum Sorrell’s new S4 currently has at its disposal.

Hedge fund owner Crispin Odey is a likely backer though. He told the FT: “It depends on him reaching agreement with the owners. There’s no point in talking about it until it is all signed.” MediaMonks said it was “flattered” by the attention, testament to the good work it’s been doing. Here’s what it does for BBQ company Weber.

MediaMonks would tick all of S4’s boxes: it’s digital, presumably driven by data, creative and international. The last thing Sorrell wants though is an auction. It will also be interesting to see how former company WPP reacts.

Sorrell resigned from WPP following an internal investigation into alleged “personal misconduct,” which he strongly denies.

MediaMonks’ motto is: “crafted with care, coded by coffee and celebrated with champagne.” We’ll see if anyone’s cracking open the latter shortly.

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