Nike comes back for second helping in World Cup wake

There seem to be two main narratives in the UK at the moment: football almost “coming home” (the World Cup went to France of course and, anyway, it’s the Jules Rimet trophy and England didn’t even enter until 1950 – when they got knocked out by the USA) and Brexit will tear us apart.

But if football gives us a nice warm feeling, for once, with a young, diverse team doing their best under a relatively youthful and polite manager then that’s something to celebrate. Which Nike does in its second World Cup effort from Wieden+Kennedy London. Wonder when they made this? Would it have run if England had gone out early?

Hits the right tone though; certainly more so than all those excitable sports marketing executives speculating about how much money Gareth Southgate might/should make from it.

As to Brexit it certainly seems to be tearing the Tory party apart although it’s yet to inspire any noteworthy ad campaigns from the various interested parties. May liven up for the rest of us if the leaders of the Vote Leave campaign find themselves in trouble with the police over their concert party with the BeLeave campaign. They’re accused of exceeding spending limits through this stratagem. Quite similar to Trump’s travails in the US.

Nike’s latest: MAA creative scale 6.

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