Karmarama gets the sun back on track for

We’re all for big ideas and they don’t come much bigger than the sun going on the blink (not the newspaper, the source of light and heat).

Fear not though, in a new campaign from Karmarama engineers from online electrical retailer will fix it, just as promptly as they’ll deliver you a new washing machine.

AO’s chief brand and people officer Michael Bates says: “The appliances in our homes are, in a way, the unsung heroes of our everyday lives. Whether it’s washing our family’s dirty clothes, vacuuming up the mess after a party or helping us enjoy the big match at home, I think we sometimes forget how reliant on them we really are.

“We asked ourselves what would happen if other things in our lives broke down like an appliance could. What would we do if the sun stopped working?

“At AO, we understand the importance of things often taken for granted. When an electrical appliance breaks at home, it is a disaster. This is why we always deliver when the customer needs it and we do it in the most stress-free way possible.”

Directed by Matthijs Van Heijningen, who helmed Samsung’s famous ‘Ostrich campaign.’

The first half’s better than the second, where plausibility struggles.

Creditable though. MAA creative scale: 7.

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