British Heart Foundation says it’s about more than hearts in new campaign from MullenLowe

British Heart Foundation is debuting a new identity and a new line ‘Beat Heartbreak’ in a campaign from MullenLowe, ‘Shadows,’ showing that we all have a ticker – not just ill or old people.

It’s trying to widen its circle of donors by saying its research work also has an impact on other blood related illnesses such as vascular dementia, strokes and diabetes.

BHF director of marketing and engagement Carolan Davidge says: “We’re known for our life saving research into heart disease but for the first time we’re really dialling up the fact we research all heart and circulatory diseases and their risk factors. Stroke, vascular dementia, diabetes – they’re all connected by blood flow and that’s why our research goes well beyond heart disease. We’re tackling the world’s biggest killers by keeping hearts beating and blood flowing.”

As ever with the new 101-influenced MullenLowe it treats the audience like grown-ups and makes its case.

Is it a tad light on emotion? Maybe they could have made more of ‘Beat Heartbreak.’ But we’ve criticised charities for laying on the doom and gloom with a trowel in the past.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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