BMW, Guinness and Haribo tackle 30-second test

Are 30-second ads making a comeback? For years they were the staple of commercial TV everywhere then other sizes came in – often at the hands of that dangerous beast the “creative” media buyer – and a few years ago a minute and longer was all the rage as big budget campaigns aimed at YouTube and online video too.

These days TV ads are the tip of an iceberg including the latter, lots of social, experiential and all the rest of it. Maybe there’s only enough money left for a 30. But they are a good test of an agency.

Here are three interesting newbies. First up FCB Inferno for BMW. the ultimate driving machine, not that it’s called that any more, turns into a butterfly.

Now AMV BBDO for Guinness in Asia, harking back to its iconic ‘Surfer’ ad.

And Quiet Storm for Haribo, directed by the agency’s Trevor Robinson. Wacky rock stars with a twist.

Test passed for the most part. With BMW you want a bit more; Guinness nails it (they should run this in Europe too) and Haribo’s much better than expected given the set-up.

So: MAA creative scales:

BMW: 6.5.

Guinness: 8.

Haribo: 7.

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