Virgin Media blows it with Bolt and Richard E Grant

Virgin Media is launching new media “bundles,” doubling broadband speeds free for some customers (I’d better get one for all that money I pay them) via a new multi-media campaign from BBH, featuring Mr Speedy himself Usain Bolt.

And what a crushing disappointment it is.

Starts off fine with Bolt entering a Savile Row tailor, staffed by Richard E Grant. Surely we’re in for a CDP-style comedic vignette, even the filming’s nice and rich. You don’t fork out for Grant just to drop him after ten seconds or so do you?

Oh yes, you do. Instead you get predictable posturing from an electrified Bolt.

Bet there was a better than decent ad in here before someone got their mitts on it.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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