Amex resets for a different ‘blended’ world

The UK airwaves are awash with a new campaign from American Express, indeed a whole new “brand platform.”

Viz ‘Powerful Backing: Don’t Live Life Without it.’ We used to be told not to leave home without it, of course.

Amex says this is aimed at modern types who live “experience rich, blended lives,” blending business, pleasure and, er, living. It seems to have employed Mcgarrybowen and long-time agency Ogilvy with a gaggle of others.

It’s an interesting preachy version of an ad campaign, a sort of self help manual for people who cuddle their kids while using a laptop with the other hand. ‘Powerful backing’ is what financial services businesses imply in their ads but they don’t usually come out and say it. But why not?

Here’s old-style Amex with Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry surrounded by opposing Redskins.

Doesn’t this work any more or have agencies forgotten how to do it?

Anyway the new Amex is certainly bold even if it piles cliché on cliché. But that’s what data does, of course.

The new one? It has impact. MAA creative scale: 6.

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