Budweiser carpet bombs Russia for the World Cup

A vast air fleet of drones are setting out from St Louis USA – via Brazil, Nigeria and China – to carpet bomb Moscow. Has Trumpy finally lost it with these Russians?

No, we’ll have to wait for that one. It’s Budweiser embellishing its status as the official beer of the FIFA World Cup by transporting beer glasses, or containers, to football fans. These light up when the stadium noise level rises. By Anomaly.

Given one popular description of the big-selling brew by non-believers it might be risky to rain it down on combustible football fans.

AB InBev/Budweiser has said it’s ignoring the politics of the competition (not that it has much choice), overlooking the machinations of Vladimir Putin and his allies, firmly glued to the world’s naughty step after numerous recent excesses.

Some hope. But Anomaly has dealt with one of the world’s trickier briefs in some style.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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