Skoda goes from bad to almost as bad with Paloma

Skoda is reviewing its European creative account we gather, although not necessarily in the UK.

If so it’s the luckiest of escapes for Fallon which, presumably, participated in the almost unbelievable choice of Sir Bradley Wiggins as its “brand ambassador” and star of some ads. Anyone capable of Googling Team Sky would know that Sir Brad was having some difficulties over his medication (case not proven). And the ads were crap.

Now it’s Paloma Faith riding to the rescue (they hope) with two and half minutes of warbling and a Skoda logo. You buy one of these and you “make your own kind of music” it seems.

Fallon used to produce great ads for Skoda but that was a different crew.

Skoda, like Audi, is owned by Volkswagen. The Skoda-ites might do well to look at a few of its sibling’s offerings.

MAA creative scale 2 (the filming’s OK).

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