WPP launches global design agency Superunion

WPP is officially launching its new design agency combo, announced last September, as Superunion, which it describes as a “next-generation global brand agency,” offering clients access to a wider, more connected range of strategic and creative services.

Superunion with a network of 750 people in 18 countries and client billings of more than $100 million worldwide, is headed by CEO Jim Prior and executive chairman Simon Bolton. Clients include Diageo, FIFA, Ford, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Vodafone.

The new agency brings together five WPP agencies: Brand Union; The Partners, Lambie-Nairn, Addison and packaging specialist VBAT.

CEO Prior says: “The world needs creative solutions to stimulate growth, in a way that traditional approaches alone cannot achieve, which is why we have formed Superunion. That creativity has to be applied at the centre of the business, where it can affect things like innovation, product and service, recruitment and retention, culture change, people’s experience of the brand, and the driving purpose of the organisation.

“We will offer more integrated services, high level strategic relevancy and closer connections to audiences, building stronger brands that drive our clients’ success.”

This seems to be the pattern of things at WPP. The holding company recently brought a number of its research offerings under one umbrella at the new Kantar Consulting.

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