Karmarama confounds critics with impressive Army outing

Much hoopla in the media about this new British Army campaign from Karmarama, building on last year’s ‘This Is Belonging.’ Seems there was a plan at some stage to move away from the long-serving tagline ‘Be The Best’ (it’s still there).

One new ad showing a Muslim soldier pausing for prayer caused a pre-launch kerfuffle.

Another one, ‘Emotions,’ might be deemed by some to be soppy.

Here are the others. There are also longer form online pieces in the soldiers’ own words.

Karmarama CCO Nik Studzinski says: “We loved working with real soldiers to create an authentic and powerful campaign which brings to life what it means to belong in the modern British Army today.”

Army recruiting has never been easy and this campaign seems to be present army duties in a realistic, involving way. There’s a spate of American films coming out now about the perils of serving in Afghanistan and Iraq so the old approach of presenting the army as a sort of see-the-world boys’ club won’t wash any more. And even the most blinkered armchair warrior could hardly say the guys in this don’t look tough. No girls though…

Mission accomplished by Karmarama we’d say.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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